An article in last week’s Daily Telegraph (Tuesday 20th November 2018) caught my eye.  Jane Shilling was commenting on a recently published photograph of a cleaner at No 10 Downing Street attending to the fanlight above That Door and noting that no crisis had ever proved so terrible in her life that it couldn’t be improve by a spot of housework.  It was a very good article and I have scanned it in (rather amateurishly) onto my Instagram page (alicejohnsenlifecoach) and FB page (Alice Johnsen Life Coaching – Enhance Your Every Day) – it’s worth a read.

The point she is making is, in many ways, at the very centre of my coaching.  We all have the potential or possibility to go off into the great wide world and achieve wonderful or extraordinary things.  Easy.  But – before you do, you need that solid structure, that rock of every day life really sorted out so it is supporting you not working against you.  That is applicable whether you are setting up a new business, going through a divorce, starting a new job, taking on a new challenge – anything and everything.  If your home life and every day life is a negative then the wonderful and extraordinary is less accessible.  We are, like it or not, creatures of habit and, as Jane Shilling says, ‘Order is good for morale…”.

Whatever issues you, as a client, come to me with, we will spend some time looking at the structure of your every day before we go further.  As ever, the small changes make the big difference so this is not a scary, huge overhaul.  But it is a solid and essential first step.  And no, I’m not dusting anyone’s fanlights, before you ask!