Free Guides on key  coaching issues for you to keep

 These guides are short documents of useful tools and advice to support you on issues that regularly come up in my coaching sessions.

The following guides are available.

  • On Stress Management
  • On Work Life Balance
  • On Confidence
  • On Grief
  • On Imposter Syndrome
  • On Working From Home
  • The Midlife List
  • Mind the Gap (Empty Nest Syndrome)

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“The useful tips for managing and organising my life better, were all so simple and seem so utterly obvious now, but I had been so overwhelmed, that I just needed some firm and friendly help to make sure I stayed on track and didn’t actually sink under. You have been so sensible and sensitive to my situation and always kept me grounded and realistic with what I am actually capable of right now, as there is always the future when I am at a different stage in life – THANK YOU ALICE – for most definitely keeping my ship from sinking!”