Coaching clients through Divorce is a part of my coaching I would describe as a double edge sword.  One on side it can be emotionally gruelling, frustrating, alarming and often incredibly sad but on the other it means I have the opportunity to provide support and guidance at a time when both are sorely needed.  As we progress through even just a few coaching sessions, the difference it can make is very clear to see.  Confidence grows, the ability to see beyond the immediate deepens, there is a sense of not being alone and also of being able to say what is really on your mind without fear of legal recrimination or judgement.  Plans can be made and new ideas put together.  Concerns about everything from housing to employment, communication to childcare can all be aired and looked at with support and structure.  It means you arrive at the divorce court with a clearer idea of where you want to be when you reach the other side – and who you want to be.  Together, we cover:

  • Adjustment:  shock, how do I tell my friends and colleagues, how am I going to come to terms with this new life and create that new everyday?
  • Moving Forward:  support with moving house, looking at earning requirements and how these will be met, new habits and family roles which can be especially helpful to children
  • Getting Ready to Divorce:  where do I want to be at the end of this?  what will my identity and value be?
  • Moving On:  communication with ex spouse, with children.

Every client going through a divorce has a different story to tell and different strengths and weaknesses.  So it is a very fluid type of coaching.  If you would like to talk to me in total confidence about your situation – even if you haven’t got to the stage of initiating or going through the motions of divorce – please do contact me through this site or call me on 07961 080513.  Additionally, follow my divorce-related videos on instagram (@alicejohnsenlifecoach) over the next few weeks.

“I have been coached by Alice Johnsen Life Coaching regularly for the last six months.  Throughout that time Alice’s support has helped me keep my family’s life together during a divorce and enabled me to continue growing my own business.  Alice’s coaching has given me the strength, focus and skills to keep moving forward.  This positive impact has helped both me and my children.”  A South West based client going through divorce