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Alice Johnsen Coaching

What is coaching about?

It’s about helping you bridge the gap between an idea or hope and reality. Making it possible. Supporting you at times of transition in your life so you can make changes to fill in the gaps and do a lot more than smooth over the cracks.

It’s about helping you identify then solve your own problems. It’s also about supporting your plan to move forward.

Life throws us all sorts of tests and we all have difficult times. But it also presents us with opportunities to put our ideas into action. Either way, sometimes you need support. That’s where I can help you.


1:1 Coaching

Just you and me, talking in confidence with no restrictions. Well, you’ll be doing most of the talking. My job is to listen without prejudice or judgement then ask you the type of questions that will enable you to identify your next step. It’s not about me telling you what I think you should do. This is all about you. It’s a much more effective way of supporting than just offering advice or saying ‘what we think’. We’ll meet either in person on or online.

One to one – £80 per session*

*All sessions are to be paid for in advance.  Cancellation within 24 hrs of session/no-show is non-refundable.



On line or face to face, focussing on one area, for example, confidence or stress management. This is coaching for groups of people so it’s not about going into personal detail but it’s a good way of finding out about a particular issue and getting support as a group. It’s also a good way of seeing what coaching is about.

Follow up coaching

A top up session. To keep you on track and to look at issues a bit further down the line. A lot of clients like to come back a few months after their initial sessions to confirm or revise their progress.

£40 or £80 for half or full session*


“The session was really useful in giving me the space to work out some of my own feelings and try to find a way to move forward. It’s hard to do this on your own and there is a limit to how much you can ask your family to get involved. So I thoroughly appreciated the way you challenged me and made me consider things I would normally avoid thinking about. I’m really grateful for your help. You are thoughtful and balanced, non-judgmental and wise.”

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