Time – it’s such a big factor in all our lives and sometimes we feel we have too much of it and other days definitely not enough.  But of course it’s the same, day in, day out, for everyone.  So it comes down to how we use it.    Are you a planner or a moment to moment decider?  Do you ever fall into the trap of convincing yourself and others that you are really, really busy just so you (and others) will see your life as really, really important?  (We all do it, you’re not alone!)  Do you spend days chasing your tail?  Do you find it hard to get going in the morning, especially at the beginning of the week?  So Many Traps!!

I’ve written about Time Management often and coached people about it endlessly because it really is a big factor in how we feel about our lives and can affect our morale very quickly.  Time Management is basically about structuring our time around the things that are really important and letting go of the idea that our level of busyness is equal to our level of importance or success.  Sometimes that structure is given to us, for example, if you are part of a team in an office where you go, physically, every morning and join in the movement of the team towards the current goal.  You are part of that drive forward.  But if you work for yourself, on your own, from home, that becomes much, much harder.  Distractions are everywhere and so in that situation it is down to you to map out your day, your week, your month, according to what you need to achieve.

At this point it is sensible to look at the work/life juggle (which hopefully will lead to a work/life balance).  What do you need to achieve each day to keep the Home Fires Burning?  Do you need to do all that before you start work or can you take a break in the middle of the day to go back to something domestic?  Are you allowing yourself enough time for all the important tasks – domestic and professional – to get things done without ageing yourself visibly in the process?!  It may all sound really mundane but if you take a step back and have a look at what you are trying to achieve each day you will almost certainly be able to make a few small changes to bring about an improved use of your time.

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