If you go to my instagram page (alicejohnsenlifecoach) or my facebook page (Alice Johnsen Life Coaching – Enhance Your Every Day) you will find a short video I posted yesterday morning just running through some brief Stress Management and Time Management tips.  I posted these thoughts because it is very easy at this time of year to start feeling Busy For The Sake Of Being Busy;  of being swept up in the general Busy-ness of winter approaching, shorter days, for parents, only a few weeks until the end of term for readers, end of calendar year approaching, etc etc (did you notice I managed to get through that sentence with no mention of Christmas? It was deliberate – that’s a whole other issue!).  We all go through it.  One minute we are fine and then when one more thing is added to our In Tray or something pops into our heads that we had forgotten about but now need to address urgently.  That alone can be enough to make us feel overwhelmed and as soon as that happens, our stress levels go up and our productivity goes down.  But the good news is it is very easy, once we are aware of these danger signals, to take a few steps to bring our days, our lives, our feelings back under control and to keep a realistic outlook.  Stress for a day or two is annoying.  Stress for more than that starts to eat into our sleep and our well being as well as our behaviour and interaction with others.  Stress on a long term basis is just bad for our health.  So, let’s take it seriously.

Have a look at the video and if you have any issues troubling you at the moment or if you are feeling overwhelmed and under-batteried, please do give me a call – 07961 080 513 or email me – alicejohnsenlifecoaching@gmail.com to see if a session of life coaching could put you back in control of your daily life.