Dare I even utter that phrase? Keeping my fingers crossed so as not to jinx the weather, I cannot help but notice the odd sign that spring is not too far away. As the days become longer (even if they aren’t yet warm and they’re certainly not drier at the time of writing….) there is a growing sense of renewal everywhere.

Most of us now live a life reasonably detached from nature. Or so we think. But whether we realise it or not we are drawn to a feeling of new beginnings and fresh starts at this time of year. As nature explodes around us with new buds, longer days, this year’s grass growing, bird song, we may become aware of a desire for new habits, a new start – or just a review of the old habits.

The beauty of changing a few small habits or details in any one part of our lives is that it can have a positive and noticeable effect on the whole of our lives. All to the good. But – how do we go about it? It is so beneficial now and then to take a step back and have a look at all the things that go to make up our lives. ‘Where is that path taking me? Do I want to carry on that path? If not, why not, and more importantly, what can I do about it?’

Life Coaching can help you identify all those areas that could and should be renewed. I can help you not only identify the necessary changes but also help you plan how you are going to make those changes and, as importantly, stick to them.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss your life and your plans further. I would love to hear from you and look forward to working with you.