A very happy Christmas to all my clients – past, present and future! I hope you are still enjoying the Christmas break, that change of routine, more activities with friends and family, more time to take note and absorb the good things in life.

Just a quick reminder of my SPECIAL JANUARY OFFER! If you book 3 coaching sessions now for January to focus on your goals for next year, you will be eligible for my January reduction and will pay £140 rather than £180. In those three sessions together we will take an overall look at every aspect of your life, where you are, where you thought you’d be, where you’d like to be – and how you’re going to get there! It’s a New Year Blast that’s going to set you on a strong and focussed path for 2017!! I really look forward to seeing you!

Spaces are getting limited so please do get in touch, even if you are not sure if this is for you or not. Give me a ring and we can have a chat.

Secondly – New Year Resolutions. Can I just put a quick thought out there about resolutions? They can be a really brilliant little tool to sharpen up a part of your life, for example, you could resolve to telephone your grandparents more often or have supper earlier on weekdays. What they cannot do is change your whole life in one swish of their magic wand. So, to resolve to “get really fit, thin and rich” is probably not a winner all on its own! Please, keep them realistic and relevant to your life. That way, they will actually be beneficial. If you know which bit of your life you want to work on but are unsure how to go about it, please get in touch. A quick coaching call may just fix that!


07961 080513 or alicejohnsenlifecoaching@gmail.com

Happy New Year everyone!