An odd question, I agree. But, here we are in November and I thought it was a good time to check how things are. Did you have specific goals or targets to achieve this year? Are you on track? Have you needed to change those goals? Sometimes circumstances change beyond our control and we need to re-think our plans. Having faith in our abilities to adapt is not always easy but it is OK to keep changing and moving what we are trying to do.

Maybe you’ve already achieved what you set out to do. Lucky you – and well done! Time to set some new goals? Time to build on what you have done so far? Our whole lives are a constant journey of development, learning and changing. To embrace that, celebrate it and go with it is so positive – enjoy your life!

But if your year has not gone according to your original plan and you would like some help getting back on track, re-focussing or assessing what has changed and what you should do about it please get in touch, in the usual way:

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