It was good to read in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph a letter from the Headmaster of Sandroyd School about the importance of emotional intelligence, resilience and problem-solving.  Alastair Speers has, over the past two years, set up a programme at Sandroyd called STRIVE, which covers these essential life skills in detail throughout the school.  I am delighted to be involved in a small way, working with Years 7 and 8 on Stress Management so have seen at first hand the value of this part of the children’s school lives.  I also have 3 boys at the school so as a parent as well as a life coach I can wholeheartedly endorse the point he makes in his letter.

SIR – At a time when many top private schools are removing themselves from league tables, I wonder how relevant the drop in A-level grades is.

While private schools do celebrate academic achievement, this is alongside many other skills, such as emotional intelligence, resilience and problem-solving. These are hard to measure, but they are arguably as important in life as academic grades.

Alastair Speers
Headmaster, Sandroyd School
Tollard Royal, Wiltshire

Everyday life is made up of challenges which we must overcome or accept.   Without the life skills to do just that, our lives are much harder and our ability to cope with the unexpected, the unwanted or the unhelpful is reduced, raising stress and feelings of unhappiness.  It would be wonderful to think in the near future, all schools were able to devote time to this essential part of our children’s development.