Last week was not one I want to repeat in a hurry. Nothing earth shattering or devastating, just lots of bits of my life went wrong, logistically.  For example I lost a car, an employee of 6 years resigned for good reasons but I will miss them, my computer was hacked, the school bus driver resigned (also for a good reason but a bit tricky when you are down a car!). All very practical problems and really nothing a quick flick through any newspaper won’t put into perspective. So I’m not blogging about this for sympathy or solutions. I wanted to share this everyday tale with you because of what I did about it. By Thursday of last week I was feeling pretty hemmed in, frustrated and as if it was all about to become too much. So, I coached myself – literally. I reminded myself as I paced round the kitchen that this week will pass. I told myself there have been weeks far worse than this in my life that I can’t even remember – and this week with all its annoying curveballs will also pass into a faded memory. Then I broke it all down into pieces and focussed on one thing after another until everything was as sorted out as it could or should be – I was back in control rather than allowing the cluster of irritations to overcrowd me.

So – I practised what I preach. Calm thinking, taking a step back, being realistic and proactive rather than over reactive – it works!  If you need a quick fix in your life – or more time to take a look at your bigger picture, get in touch.  I’d be delighted to work with you.

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