Sometimes we forget quite how much how we think affects how we behave, how we react, how we grow and consequently what we do with our lives.  Life is not always a case of ‘mind over matter’ but our mindset can play a hugely supportive role for our emotional resilience throughout our lives.  When you develop a mindset that allows you to deal with almost anything life throws at you, you have the means to maintain a near constant equilibrium (with the exception of times of unusual stress, for example extreme illness or bereavement).  That is one the keys to stress management, to confidence and to pursuing your goals.

On my latest video on Instagram (alicejohnsenlifecoach) and Facebook (Alice Johnsen Life Coaching Enhance Your Every Day) I give an example of how being aware of your mindset, your attitude to your current situation, can be managed. Being aware of our mindsets and then not being afraid to face that head on and push away (or let go of) fears or limitations, is a way of life that takes time to adopt but is incredibly liberating but as with so many things in life, little steps mean great changes.