• I don’t know about you but I find the constant bombardment of counting down the days through Advent to Christmas a little overwhelming at times! Honestly, I don’t need further reminders of the diminishing time available to choose, buy, wrap, post, stuff, plan, cook etc etc – and I’m sure many readers feel the same.

The countdown to Christmas is one thing – it comes round every year, as sure as ‘eggs is eggs’ and every year, somehow, we get most of it done and are ready to enjoy ourselves. So firstly, I wanted to encourage everyone please to remember, it WILL be alright and you WILL be ready. Secondly, I wanted to suggest you use these last few days of 2016 to reflect on what has happened. Not on the international stage of politics (thankfully, that’s not my job!), but what has happened to you; to your family; in your world.

Can you remember what your hopes and dreams were for this year? Have you achieved them? If so, that’s great and well done. If not, do you know why not? Were your targets realistic? Have circumstances changed beyond your control? Have your plans, needs or desires changed? And where does that leave you for next year?

SPECIAL JANUARY OFFER! If you book 3 coaching sessions now for January to focus on your goals for next year, you will be eligible for my January reduction and will pay £140 rather than £180. In those three sessions together we have take an overall look at every aspect of your life, where you are, where you thought you’d be, where you’d like to be – and how you’re going to get there! It’s a New Year Blast that’s going to set you on a strong and focussed path for 2017!! I really look forward to seeing you!

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