Recently I have noticed a theme appearing again and again not only in my life coaching work but elsewhere.  It is the importance of little steps (and I don’t mean toddlers learning to walk!).  Throughout our lives we will all go through periods of change and transition, sometimes planned and sometimes thrust upon us.  Or we may slowly realise that a particular part of our life is not working as well as it should be.  Whatever the change we need to make, I think we can all make our journeys easier by remembering little steps DO make a difference.  Gigantic great leaps are not always what are needed or suitable.

Let’s take budgeting.  We all need to tighten our belts now and then to a greater or lesser degree and if we are facing unexpected bills or debt it can be totally overwhelming and frightening.  Trying to see our way of a black hole of debt may at first seem nearly impossible.  But by breaking it down and putting together an action plan made up of little steps YOU WILL REACH YOUR GOAL.  It can be that simple and it can apply to any part of your life – money, relationships, communication issues, time management, stress management, fitness, career or more!

So, for March I am offering a Little Steps Offer.  Give me a ring on 07961 080513 quoting “Little Steps” to tell me what you want to change something in your life and let’s have a look at this over a few sessions, up to a maximum of four.  In return you will receive £10 off each session!  I really look forward to working with you and seeing how we can make such lifelong changes for you!