I saw a client today with whom I have been working regularly since August last year.  We have looked at a wide variety of issues including communication, relationships, confidence, time management, life goals – a great mix.  Today we reached a point where this client can fly solo for a bit which is always sad but as it should be, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing a very good job! During this session she told me about an issue in her life that she had identified as negative and had then taken the appropriate action to move on and find something different.  She told me this with huge confidence and energy and it was just wonderful to see.  I told her so because I was so pleased to see this newly-found confidence in my client.  She said it was because of our life coaching sessions that she felt able to do this.  In her words, my life coaching had “taught her to think for herself again”.

It’s moments like this that remind me how lucky I am to be able to coach.  It is utterly rewarding as well as fascinating, exciting, daunting and challenging.  I can’t think of any better job satisfaction!