Earlier this month I spent some time with two Family Law Partners at Trethowans in Salisbury.  Trethowans is one of the leading law firms in the South West and as such are pathing the way in practising Collaborative Law – a dispute resolution path first introduced to the UK in 2003.  The more I work with Solicitors and individual clients going through divorce, the greater value I place on this part of coaching.

When I work with women going through, or preparing for divorce, these are the areas we may look at:

  • Adjustment:  shock, how do I tell my friends and colleagues, how am I going to come to terms with this new life and create that new everyday?
  • Moving Forward:  support with moving house, looking at earning requirements and how these will be met, new habits and family roles which can be especially helpful to children
  • Getting Ready to Divorce:  where do I want to be at the end of this?  what will my identity and value be?
  • Moving On:  communication with ex spouse, with children.

Needless to say, every situation is different.  Divorce is raw, it’s frightening and can be very overwhelming.  So to have this kind of support when you are at your lowest can help you keep moving forward during even the hardest weeks.  That is particularly essential if you are ‘keeping the home fires burning’ for you and your children.  If you would like to know more either for you or for someone you know, please call me on 07961 080513 for a completely confidential and non-committal chat.  You don’t have to do this alone.