We all know communication is at the heart of any relationship, be that professional, friendship, family or romantic. What we sometimes forget is communication is made up of both talking and listening – really listening and considering what the other person is saying. That is not always easy, especially in a relationship that is under strain for any number of reasons.

When a relationship is going through a tough period, communication is very often the first thing to go. The misunderstandings or lack of conversation can build up barriers and it can quickly become a very viscous circle. That is the time to reach out for help. Coming to talk through a relationship with a life coach does not need to involve every party of that relationship. It may be that just one of you wants to have some life coaching to put the relationship into a new perspective or light. To be guided by me through a situation like this can help you see it from different angles and help you reach a new clarity. Life coaching can also give you tools to bring back that essential communication again with clearer conversations and more confidence.

So if you are struggling in any relationship in your life please do get in touch. I can help and look forward to working with you.

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