In this age of constant communication, constant receipt of information, constant sharing of information are you communicating in the best way?

You can apply this question to both your professional and personal relationships. We all send endless emails, face book messages, text or make ‘phone calls – sometimes we might even write an old fashioned letter – but are they all absolutely necessary or a good thing? Do you ever take a look at HOW you are communicating, WHEN you are communicating, WHAT you are communicating about and WHY you are communicating?

If not, you should. I should. We all should. Sometimes we are unwittingly adding to someone else’s information overload and as a result we will be ignored or aggravate a relationship.

If you would like some constructive help with your communication methods either in general or in connection with a particular relationship, please email me – or call me on 07961 080513. As your life coach I can set up some easy to maintain communication methods that work for your life.

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