Today, International Women’s Day, will mean something different to all of us.  To me, it serves as a reminder of all fabulous and interesting women I am lucky enough to work with.  Some are going through a period of change – children leaving home, divorce, peri-menopause, going back to work, starting a new business, building a current business up.  All times of change and re-adjustment and I provide the channel to work out how to make that sustainable and, where appropriate, positive.  Some women need a boost to their emotional and mental health – confidence, stress management, communication, relationships, parenthood.  So many areas.  Because we women are complex creatures in this complex 21st Century world, wearing so many different hats.  Sometimes, taking a step back with me and looking at the many roles you are carrying and hats you are wearing can provide the stabilising support you need to take you from ‘managing’ (or not) to really ‘thriving’.

However, International Women’s Day also raises the question in my mind.  Will we ever reach a point of equality across the world when we don’t need such a concept as Women’s Day?  Will we reach a point where every day is Women’s Day and Men’s Day alike?  I’d like to think so but somehow, I’m not holding my breath….