I was talking with a friend recently who is in her 80s, is as bright as a button, interesting, interested, energetic and full of plans for her future. Any time spent in conversation with this person is time well spent. She told me her motto which is,

“If you stop striving, you stop living.”

How true, I thought, as I sat opposite the woman who is this motto to the very core. Later I looked up the exact definition in the dictionary. It read,

“STRIVE (verb) – to try hard, make efforts, struggle or contend”.

Trying hard, making an effort, struggling to achieve something – this all adds purpose, focus, drive and a sense of achieving to our lives, making us feel more satisfied, more energised, more alive. But what if you don’t know what you are aiming for? What if you don’t have a goal or purpose. What then? Do you carry on drifting, staying in that job you don’t really enjoy, carrying on complaining you don’t have enough time to take up that sport you always promised you would pick up. Do you carry on just passing time rather than really living?

If that sounds familiar to any part of your life please get in touch. At Alice Johnsen Life Coaching I can really help you shake up your life and define your goals. I can help you improve your time management, increase your focus and productivity and help you find the reason to strive rather than drift. This is exactly what life coaching is about. I really look forward to hearing from you.

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