Some readers of these posts may already also be following my weekly videos on Instagram (@alicejohnsenlifecoach).  If so, you will be familiar with the current format that is a weekly posting of a minute long video offering you just a few thoughts or tips for the week.  The response either on line or in person is always so positive and for that, thank you!  I love that so many of you find these videos helpful and that makes doing them really enjoyable.  If you are not yet following, please come and join me at @alicejohnsenlifecoach for weekly videos and other posts, mostly related to life coaching but some just for fun.  I’d love to connect with you there!

This year, I want to grow things a bit.  Rather than offering some different thoughts on a weekly basis, I am going to pick a theme, idea or coaching tool and talk about it over several weeks so we can go into a bit more detail.  You can message me privately in between videos with your own thoughts or questions (or comment publicly, that’s up to you).  Additionally, I thought it would be helpful to back that up with a post on this site each month.  I plan to kick off with all the themes that crop up in coaching regularly.  Relationships, communication, divorce, time management, stress management, going back to work, starting a business to name a few key ones.  If there’s an issue you would like me to talk and write about, please get in touch.  It can be done anonymously, of course.  And because, as I write, it is blowing a howling, soggy gale outside, I thought I’d link in a picture from about 15 years ago from summer in Sicily, of a group of Sicilian men holding their own, off line coaching session.  Oh to be back there now….