A couple of days before Christmas I received an email from a client who had been to a Group Coaching Session at the beginning of December. Towards the end of the session this group had asked me to coach them on coping with Christmas. So we looked at how important and beneficial it would be to apply my regular coping tools to the week before and during Christmas when we are out of our normal routines and the pressure can mount.

In her message my client told me her house was peaceful and her family were happy. But most importantly, she was feeling calm, in control and was looking at a series of To Do lists she had created well in advance in order to keep herself free from panic.

Thank you to this client – you know who you are – for such inspiring and cheering feedback. It was just great to get your message and I am so pleased for you that the session has supported you so much.

More group coaching sessions will be arranged in both London and the South West so if you would like to get a couple of friends together for a support session bringing you some general life coaching and coping strategies please do get in touch. We can cover both mainstream topics and specific issues, as you wish.

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