I don’t know about you but I have been revelling in this wonderful weather we’ve had this week. Yes it’s still quite cold (no Blackthorn winter yet, google it if that doesn’t mean anything!) but the light has been fantastic. We can feel the heat of the sun starting to wake everything up as the days get longer and longer and, around here, the birdsong is fantastic.

The seasons affect us all, be we urban or rural dwellers with a desk bound life or the possibility to spend time outside every day. Right now is the time of growth and new beginnings which I have touched on in previous blogs. But today I want to talk about time. I’m not just thinking of the lengthening days but how we all use each day, each 24 hour dollop of time. Are you planning your time to work to your strengths? Have you structured your day so you are doing the right task at the right time of day? If you are reading this with a puzzled look on your face let me explain. We all function well at different times of the day. We all have low points of the day when our output drops significantly. However, those times are not the same for everyone so it is really beneficial to study your own levels of productivity.

At Alice Johnsen Life Coaching I coach clients with Time Management issues by using an Activity Log. This enables me to analyse exactly how you spend your time. There are many different factors that affect your productivity – how much sugar there is in your blood, when you last took a break, routine distractions, stress, discomfort and a range of other factors. But there will be daily patterns or rhythms of alertness and energy. Once we have the information about your patterns we can use this information to design your day so you are constantly using your time to best effect. Just think how that could improve your life!

If you’d like to discuss this further please do get in touch and book a Life Coaching session. I really look forward to working with you.