This week of all weeks is, for many of us, a time of new beginnings.  New terms, new schools, new projects, new adventures!  It’s all super exciting and has the advantage of the novelty factor but this can be a time of the year when, if things are not going well, you can feel utterly overwhelmed and rudderless.  Don’t panic – you are not alone and help is at hand to show you the way to calmer waters!

I ran some group coaching before the long school holidays, focussing on how to cope when feeling overwhelmed and in particular looking at how you can help yourself in the years running up to and during your menopause.   Throughout the session we covered many different aspects from how to keep control of your lives and time to how to boost your confidence and make sure you are focussing on what really matters.  During the group discussion of what is overwhelming and what menopause meant to people so far, the group was able to offer really positive support to each other – it was fantastic!  You don’t have to be in the thick of menopause to join me – these groups are to support women who are feeling overwhelmed, whatever their age or stage!

So I am really excited about running more groups this Autumn.  With my support you will:

  • take a look at an overview of your life at the moment and what it is made up of
  • look at how you are running your life, your family’s life and your everyday structure
  • consider the importance of diet and exercise
  • consider different mindsets towards menopause
  • complete and discuss (either in the group or privately) a Wheel of Life

If you think a group session to support you would be helpful please call me on 07961 080513 or email me to book your session or simply find out more.

Forthcoming dates are:

29th SEPTEMBER  10.30AM TO 12 NOON



These sessions will take place at my home just outside Sherborne.  Cost is £25 per person, payable on the day.  If you would like to consider hosting a session at your home or other location please give me a ring to discuss details.  Hosts of groups of 6+ go free!

So here’s to a happy, calm, productive and in control Autumn!