Earlier this week I received this lovely message from a client. We have been working together on and off for over three years now and our coaching rapport is just fantastic. We can dive straight into the issues in their life and really make progress each time. I cannot overstate how much I enjoy coaching this person so it was just fabulous to get this feedback:

“I wanted you to know that your follow up meeting notes are really useful to me in lots of different ways! So -please find attached an image of my computer screen – I decided to create a graphic for my screen background with the fab and positive affirmation you created for me – so I am greeted by the words every morning when I switch the computer on! :)”

Sadly I cannot include the screenshot of the affirmation we put together for confidentiality but the point is it has become a really useful tool they can use on a daily basis to keep that support there and to keep reminding them they are moving forward and growing stronger!

So a big thank you to this client – you make it very worthwhile!