Last Saturday saw the Spring Equinox and the more noticeable drawing out of days. This Sunday we change our clocks as if to give Nature a boost and ourselves an extra hour of light. Whether you are reading this in town or country I urge you to stop and look around you. You can see, smell, hear and feel everything around you waking up and growing up. It doesn’t matter that as I write I have just put on a scarf and am contemplating lighting the fire. The point is we have more light and with more light growth is triggered.

You may or may not be a gardener (and I put myself in the happy amateur category here!). Most of us just feel better as spring comes and summer begins to beckon. So let’s shake of that winter slumber and embrace the new light we are being given. Let it give you more energy, more time and more possibilities.  A Life Coach can help you make the best use of your time and energy.  Why not get in touch to see if life coaching could help you?