Christmas arrived a little early for me this year when I was given a tester box of cleaning kit made by Delphis Eco.  No, I hadn’t heard of them either until I started working with Troubs Hunt earlier this winter.  Delphis Eco has, until now, been working mainly B2B selling premium cleaning products that work in balance with our planet and our health.  The advantages of these products include:

  • they are 100% plant based
  • they are natural products
  • the packaging is 100% recycled London milk cartons (I love that!)
  • Delphis Eco is 100% British made (could be handy next March if you want a clean house still…. just saying)
  • They have 2 Royal Warrants – because they really work.

Now I know it shouts of middle age to be excited about some new cleaning kit, but I really am.  I don’t want to use products that I know are harming the planet and I don’t want to use stuff that harms me and disrupts my hormones. Over this last year I have done quite a bit of research into the link between product use (be it what you clean the shower with or what you use to clean yourself in the shower – and everything else from washing powder to face cream) and our hormones.  If we are using products that support our hormones and don’t work against us, we are healthier, stronger and for those of us hitting peri-menopause, we are definitely going to feel the benefits.

Back to Delphis Eco, these products really do work.  Since taking this photo I have been testing them all and they do what they promise – so I am delighted to recommend them to everyone.  Troubs is taking Delphis Eco sales from just B2B to include private sales  so if you would like more information do go to the website; for a full product list.  Even more fabulously, if you would like 10% off your purchase (and who wouldn’t), use the code TROUBS.

So, thank you, Troubs, for this wonderful box of goodies.  It has been a real joy working with you getting your business life up and running again and I cannot wait to see where you take your exciting plans!