Compartmentalising – not the easiest word to trot off the tongue – is simply putting the different aspects of your lives into separate compartments. It is about making time each day for work, family, sport or whatever makes up your life. By not allowing the compartments to cross over one another you will increase your focus and output because you are using your time efficiently, therefore reducing time wasting and stress. Simple!

However, we are humans not machines and of course this doesn’t always go according to plan. For example, as I write this I have a child off school asleep upstairs which obviously has an impact on my plans today (fortunately all my clients are very understanding, thank you!). So a degree of flexibility is essential if this approach is going to be of benefit to you on a long term basis. But if you adopt this practice in general I am sure you will notice an increase in your output and an improvement in your sense of being in control.

If you would like some help applying this to your busy life or would like to talk further please get in touch by email ( or through my web page or face book page or you can call me on 07961 080513.

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