“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.”


I love this quote from Oscar Wilde – one of his many amusing comments that hold a hidden truth. Now please don’t think I am encouragin everyone rushing out and spending all their hard earned money and savings on whatever it is that takes their fancy – I’m really not! But here’s the thing. For all of us, our lives get filled up with regular activities – the school run, going to work, socialising with friends or colleagues, saving for that summer holiday. Is it enough? Are you using your imagination and are you going on all those adventures or setting yourselves enough challenges? Or are you stuck in a rut, living within your emotional and spiritual means, without pushing your boundaries?

If I have just described you and you want to do something about it, on any scale, please call me – 07961 080513 or email me – amdjohnsen@btinternet.com.

You’d be amazed how quickly we can, together, up your game and set your life on a new, imaginative journey. The hardest step is the first one but if we take that step together it can and will happen!

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