I was working with a client last week who I have been coaching for nearly 4 years, through divorce, building up a business, raising some wonderful children and building up self confidence and self awareness.  We were taking time to look at what is going on in this client’s life overall and in particular in the run up to the end of the year and all the expenses and time-demands Christmas brings.  She commented that despite demands on her strength, emotional resilience, energy and resources being really high, she felt remarkably calm and in control.  She was happy even when extended family members didn’t want to fit in with her plans.  That was ok – it was up to them and now, compared to a few years’ ago, she wasn’t going to bend over backwards to accommodate them.

Why this new calmness and strength?

I believe it is because we have worked together on putting the structure of her life in such an order that it is really supporting her.  She knows her strengths and weaknesses and is living life accordingly.  She has great communication with the people who matter.  She is calm because she knows whatever happens, she will cope and cope well.

To see this client grow and strengthen and to be able to meet life head on like this is, quite frankly, rather humbling and a reminder of how lucky I am to coach.  It is also a reminder that whatever the issue, the first thing to do is to look at your daily life, your home structure and make sure that is working for not against you.  After that, the wonderful stuff happens!