Earlier this week I read an email to a group of friends in which one person said they couldn’t join in an activity the following afternoon because they were helping to build the school Santa’s Grotto.  Admirable and talented, I have no doubt.  But it reminded me – not for the first time this week – of that pressure cooker that creeps up on women at this time of year that is the Relentless and Unforgiving Preparation for Christmas.
I freely admit to having a very mobile love/hate relationship with Christmas.  So, a few years ago I made the conscious decision to take back control – back from all forms of outside influences and pressures – in order to live life during November and December how I wanted to, not how I felt I ought to.   So, I thought I’d share a few ideas with you to ease you into Advent and beyond!

C – Charity – make time to do something or give something. A lot of little gestures add up to something really helpful.

H – Happy – yes, be happy. Stop and observe – are you enjoying what you are doing? Is it essential? Is it worth it? If your day is not going to be improved dramatically by making
organic-local-and-everything-else-homemade tree decorations then just don’t do it!

R – Rituals – relish in them, teach your children and family about them, make new ones.

I – Investment – invest in the time you have together away from your normal routine to learn, talk, do, listen and just be. Build memories.

S – Sport – I talk about exercise and sport with my clients a lot. We all know the benefits and just because we might be taking time off work and living outside our normal routine it doesn’t mean we have to stop taking exercise. Mix it up – do something different. Cricket or football on a freezing beach will burn off a mighty amount of mince pies and build memories or create rituals (see above!) to boot!

T – Time Management – crucial over the next four weeks. Keep your ‘To Do’ lists realistic and keep bringing back your focus when your mind wanders, which it will because there are many more distractions than normal.

M – Mary Berry (or as one of my sons calls her, Merry Berry). Cling to her books as you plan, shop and cook and you’ll be fine!

A – Advent Carols – I prefer these to Christmas Carols every time. That’s not really anything to do with Life Coaching but Advent starts tomorrow and I intend to enjoy them!

S – Share the load.  Start thinking now who you can delegate which jobs to. Because as sure as eggs is eggs, once those Christmas films start rolling out, the volunteers will become very quiet but there’s no need or advantage in you being a slave or a martyr.

If, having read all that, you are still feeling overwhelmed or just utterly fed up with it all, why not give me a ring to book at 30 minute ‘phone or face to face session to bring you back under control.  07961 080513 or go to my website:  www.alicejohnsen.co.uk

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