Following on from my blog last weekend about Radio 4’s new series, “The Confidence Trick”, I wanted to share one particular thought from that programme with you.  At the end of the first episode, an interviewee, Susan Cain, gave the most brilliant, clear definition of confidence I have come across to date.  She gave it in the form of a question;

“Do you know who you are and do you know what kind of decisions you want to make?”

Read it through a couple of times because, as a question, it grows.  Do you know the answer to this for your life?  Do you want to explore it more, particularly the second part, “do you know what kind of decisions you want to make”?  If you would like some support – someone to listen to your ideas, to guide you through questioning and to help you put together an achievable, testing but realistic plan, then please do get in touch.

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