I’ve written about relationships and working through bad patches or improving negative relationships before now. Today I want to tell you how life coaching can support you when a relationship has gone beyond that stage and you are facing the end of a partnership or marriage.

In the past I have worked with clients contemplating leaving their partners and some have gone ahead and left, some have found a way to stay together. Those who leave face an incredibly challenging, frightening and lonely time. If that were not enough, where children are involved the parent needs to try to keep the shape and feel of family life going during this time of troubled change. That is where I can help. Not only will I listen and guide you through individual issues or challenges as they present themselves, I can support you when you are building your new family life, new routines, new habits. By getting these little daily things right, or as right as they can be, you will be better placed to face the bigger challenges of separation, and so will your family. My support will be objective, honest and constant. Please go to my website www.alicejohnsen.co.uk if you want to get in touch or call me on 07961 080513.

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