“20 20 Hindsight”

This was a catchy little phrase I heard on the Today programme on Monday morning. It was pretty early and I’m ashamed to admit amongst the flurry of the morning routine I didn’t take a note of who said it or what they were even talking about but…. it got me thinking about looking back on our lives. How much should we do that? What is to be gained? Is it soul destroying or can we learn from looking back on our life?

Of course the answer differs for each individual and looking back on our lives usually conjures up a mixture of emotions. But I am sure all of us have done things or had things done to us in the past from which we can strengthen, grow and learn. The trick is to use these experiences to our advantage in the future.

Do you know your own strengths and weaknesses? Are you using your strengths to their best advantage in your life and are you coping with your weaknesses? Whilst Life Coaching is predominately about looking forward it is also about learning from your past and I can help you take a look at how you are using the tools you’ve got to get the best out of your life. Why not give me a ring on 07961 080513 for a quick chat to see if you are getting the best out of your life right now?

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