Life Coaching is different for everyone so there are no set rules or patterns we need to stick to. Some clients like to work on an issue with me over a course of 3 or 4 sessions whilst other clients choose to have support for longer. As we begin to work together we can make a plan that works for you. Usually I meet clients fortnightly but this is also flexible, according to your needs.

Ideally we will be able to meet in person but online coaching is also a great way to take is also an easy way to talk and if logistics make face to face coaching impossible it works as a good alternative.

However we are going to communicate, before the first session I will need to talk through the following with you:
• your expectations
• your personal details
• your general medical background
• your work environment, family environment and lifestyle
• any specific issues you wish to raise.

During our first session you may want to start setting your new goals – or not. Our life coaching sessions can be goal orientated but they don’t have to be if there are deeper or more general issues to have a look at first. Life Coaching uses various tools and exercises to take you on your journey to identify exactly what it is you want to change in your life or to achieve. As your coach I will guide you but I am not going to give you the answers. However, I will be asking you some searching questions and encouraging you to look at bits of your life in a new way – in order to reach your new potential.

Sessions generally last between 60 and 90 minutes. After each session I will send you some follow up notes to remind you of what we covered and also to highlight any future actions for you.

Costs for individual coaching sessions are:
London = £100 per session
South West = £70 per session.
Sessions are billed individually and payment is due within 7 days of each session.  No mileage charges within 15 miles of my home address or where avoidable.  When unavoidable, mileage is charged at 42 pence per mile.


I work with children from Year 7 onwards, delivering an informal talk on Stress Management covering what stress is, why we have it and how to keep it under control.  The talk takes about 40 minutes and there are plenty of opportunities for questions and discussions.  This age group buzzes with questions and curiosity and it is fabulous to see them taking on some new ideas and tools to support their busy lives.  I am always happy to work as part of a school’s overall Welfare Programme to be timed to prepare children for particularly busy or stressful periods.

Costs by separate negotiation.  Normal travel charges apply.


Group coaching is a little different. I run courses for group coaching sessions covering more general issues. These are informal sessions for up to 8 women to talk about a common-held issue. These sessions may be used to coach, for example, about menopause or feeling overwhelmed. They last up to 90 minutes and are an ideal way of “dipping your toe in”. There is the opportunity at the start for you to raise any individual issues you want me to cover and because of the informal structure there is plenty of interaction between participants and coach but importantly there is no need for you to ‘bare you soul’ and reveal things about your life you don’t want to. Clients are under no pressure to follow up a group coaching session with an individual session and you are welcome to come back for a second group session if you want to.
Group Coaching can take place at a mutually convenient location.
Costs for Group Coaching are £25 per person per session, payable on the day.
Hosts of more than 6 in a group = free


Sometimes we find ourselves in tricky situations, for example, having to speak publicly or lead a team of people we don’t know through an uncomfortable process of change in our working lives.  By talking through a situation like this with Alice Johnsen Life Coaching you can find ways of not only dealing with a difficult situation but turning it into a very positive experience that leads you to skills you didn’t know you had!

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