Time Management – walking the talk

Guess what – life coaches are human too!  Just as I wanted to slow my work life down a bit for a few weeks, it has taken an exciting change of direction and the pressure has increased.  It’s all for good reasons so I’m not complaining one bit!  But I have consciously been putting into practice everything I discuss with my clients about time management and the great news it, it all works!  Focussing, mindfulness, compartmentalising, knowing when it is realistic to attempt something and when it is not, prioritising – it all makes a difference and it means, so far, my head is above water and I am happy.

All our lives go in peaks and troughs.  I wouldn’t want to maintain this pace of output for months and months but for now it is fine because I am keeping myself in control.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by things in your life, get in touch.  A quick fix session can be all it takes to make a tangible difference.

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